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Interlock, Pavers & Tiles

Interlocking pavers are concrete and stone bricks that connect together to cover driveways, patios, steps, stairways, walkways and any other ground area you might consider using concrete or asphalt on.

Because pavers don’t require grout or mortar, they are easier to install and maintain. Concrete can crack and stain and is usually more expensive for upkeep. If roots lift or crack concrete you may have to remove and replace large sections. With pavers, you can just remove an individual tile to cut away roots and lay them back down.

Stains on concrete can ruin a very expensive project. If pavers are damaged or stained, only the affected pavers need to be lifted and can be turned over or replaced.

 We work with both permeable and non permeable products from Unilock, Permacon, Banas, Techo Bloc, Best way stone and many more.

Stone Tiles


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